About Us

About Bouletta Leather

Bouletta is an European website established to provide Bouletta products to independent partners and Consumers worldwide.

Our sole focus is to deliver the Bouletta experience of Design and Quality to you

Our parent Brand - Bouletta

The Bouletta brand was established in 2002 to deliver to the market the same ethos, style and quality.

Bouletta Leather is passionate about their heritage and especially their heritage in working with leather. Therefore, all of the leather products from Bouletta are produced by hand using genuine leather. 


The Bouletta Philosophy

The research and the studying of the people's requirements for an ideal balance between functional aspects and aesthetic sensitivity are the base of the philosophy of Bouletta. Premium materialsand accessories make Bouletta cases unique and fashionable... From serious black to bright green, from ocean blue to earth brown you will find a part from your life with all colours and styles.

Bouletta offers an amazing selection of designer technology and fashion brought together to bring you quality, innovation and style.

Today, Bouletta has developed and delivered its own sense of style and an eye for fashion, offering case solutions and accessories which bring practicality, creativity and inspiration together in a comprehensive line of products that delight users and create lifelong customers.


Contact Us: Email: support@bouletta.ie